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Where our tardigrades came from:
Sciento (email: sales at sciento.co.uk)
61 Bury Road

Whitefield, Manchester M45 6TP, England
Phone +44 (0)161 773 6338
Thanks to Bob McNuff of Sciento for developing culture methods for Hypsibius and raising them for 20 years!

* In 2018, the animals we study were identified as a new species, a close relative of H. dujardini dubbed Hypsibius exemplaris—a Latin form of “exemplar” marking the by-then “wide use of the species as a laboratory model for various types of scientific studies” (Gąsiorek et al. 2018). Papers from before 2018 that referred to the Sciento-derived culture labeled H. dujardini are now recognized to have used H. exemplaris.

Goldstein Lab
UNC Chapel Hill

water bear by justin paszul
illustration by Justin Paszul

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