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Thanks to Bob McNuff of Sciento for developing and sharing culture methods for Hypsibius and raising them for more than 30 years. Sadly, Bob passed away in 2021. He kindly sent some of his cultures to Carolina Biological before entering hospice, so that they could distribute them. We coordinate with the friendly folks at Carolina Biological on occasion to help make sure the cultures are thriving.
* In 2018, the animals we study were identified as a new species, a close relative of H. dujardini dubbed Hypsibius exemplaris—a Latin form of “exemplar” marking the by-then “wide use of the species as a laboratory model for various types of scientific studies” (Gąsiorek et al. 2018). Papers from before 2018 that referred to the Sciento-derived culture labeled H. dujardini are now recognized to have used H. exemplaris.

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